The implementation of the CAP and visions
of its future role across 27 EU Member States

This project provides an overview of how 27 EU Member States
have been implementing the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
and what they think about its future role.

The project outputs consist of a series of fact sheets containing basic information
about the present state of the CAP implementation (both first and second pillars)
across the 27 Member States that make up the EU at present. The factsheets also
identify key implementation issues as well as providing an overview of views at
Member State level on the role of the CAP beyond 2013. Basic data are presented
in tables, diagrams and maps.

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August 2015 - This website was originally created for the Council for the Rural Area (Raad voor het Landelijk Gebied, RLG), one of Rli's predecessors. The information is no longer current (the last update occurred in September 2009) and the website does not conform to the Web Guidelines, a national standard to help ensure high-quality, accessible websites. This website was set up in order to archive the information and ensure it can still be accessed. The website is managed by .

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