General country description
A. First pillar: implementation of CAP reforms (2003)
B. Second pillar: implementation of RDP measures during 2007-2013
C. Vision for the CAP beyond 2013: a short overview of the debate (at Member State level) on future CAP reform
D. Literature, sources, references
The comparative analysis provides a compact overview of CAP implementation across all 27 Member States and their visions of the future of the CAP

General country discription

Comparison with EU-25

Population, 2005 (*1,000,000): 2.0

0.4% of population in EU-25

Population density, 2003 (inh./km2): 99

118 in EU-25

GDP/capita, 2005 (PPS): 18,900

81% of GDP/capita in EU-25

Share agriculture in total employment, 2002 (%): 11

5% in EU-25

Share Utilized Agricultural Area in total land area, 2003 (%): 25

46% in EU-25 in 1998

Average farm size, 2005 (ha): 7

19 in EU-15

Number of farms, 2005 (*1000): 60.9

0.9% of farms in EU-25

Source: own calculations based on Eurostat

Distribution of farming types, 2005 (% of total)

Source: own calculations based on Eurostat

EU funding for the Single Payment Scheme (SPS)
and the second pillar, 2007-2013

Funding according to CAP budget including Bulgaria and Romania.
Sources: Agra Europe (2007); CEU (2006); EC (2007a)


A. First pillar: implementation CAP reform (2003)

A.1 Single Payment Scheme


Slovenia does not apply the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS). In 2007 it implemented a flat-rate model.

Coupling measures

Reason for selection

No information

A.2 EU budget for Single Payment Scheme (SPS) per year (National ceiling) 2005-2013

Source: 2005: EC (2006); 2006-2013: CEU (2006) and Agra Europe (2007)

Share of the farms that receive SPS of the total number of farms (% of total)

No information

Tradability of SPS

No information

A.3 Cross-compliance: Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC)

(Source IEEP 2005; )

Selected standards of the GAEC

Summary of farmers' obligations

Soil erosion


Agricultural land should be cultivated in a manner minimizing soil erosion

soil organic matter

standards for crop rotation where applicable

3 year crop rotation is obligatory on at least 50% of the arable land of an individual farm


arable stubble management

Burning is prohibited

Soil structure


Farmers must take account of climatic conditions including water logging. Vehicle tracks must not exceed 20 cm

Protection of permanent pasture


Re-establishment of pp

minimum level of maintenance

retention of landscape features (lf)

The proportion of naturally regenerating land on a holding shall not increase.


avoiding the encroachment of unwanted vegetation on agricultural land

Newly acquired land that is overgrown shall be cleared within a two year period Agricultural land shall be cultivated at least once a year


Reason for selection of cross compliance standards

No information

A.4 Further reform of market regulations

No information


B. Second pillar: implementation of RDP measures 2007-2013

B.1 Programme level and approval

There is one RDP for whole Slovenia. The Rural Development Committee (consisting of representatives of the 27 Member States) has approved the RDP for Slovenia on 25 July 2007.

B.2 Distribution of public budget over the axes (%)1)

axis 1: competitiveness

axis 2: environment and land management

axis 3: rural economy

Axis 4: Leader





1) Figures excluding Technical Assistance Source: Own calculations based on Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (2007)

B.3 Integration of Leader in axes 1, 2 and 3

Leader contributes to all axes, but especially axis 3 (Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano, 2007).

B.4 Local Action Groups (LAGs)

It is intended to create 20 LAGs in Slovenia in the period 2007-2013 (Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano, 2007). At the moment there are no official LAGs, but about 31 LAG-like partnerships, covering almost the whole country.*

B.5 RDP budget 2007-2013 (million euros)

total public budget

% co-financing EAFRD1)

EAFRD budget

Contribution private sector

Total costs

National top-ups







1) % of co-financing may vary per axis
Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (2007)

B.6 Less Favoured Areas

In 2005, 359,000 ha was classified as Less Favoured Area (LFA), which is 74% of UAA (CEU, 2005).

B.7 Drivers of RDP strategy

Fit within national policy (please specify national policy documents); Try to implement EU rural development priorities as an addition to the national policy.

The most relevant document is the Act on Agriculture. **


* Information provided by Andreja Purkart-Martinez, Embassy of Slovenia, The Hague.
** Ibid


C. Vision on the CAP beyond 2013

No information

D. Literature, sources, references

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